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If you ask Samuel Hyman what got him interested in the law, he will tell you it is the privilege of being able to help individuals with their varied legal needs. Having graduated from the University of Victoria’s Faculty of Law in 1983, Sam got his call to the Bar of British Columbia in 1984, and his practice evolved over the past 32 years into his current practice areas: Citizenship and Immigration Law, Customs Law, ICBC/ Personal Injury, and Human Rights Law.

In his citizenship and immigration practice, Sam has handled temporary and permanent residence cases, including appeals, from the routine to the complex. He is recognized for his particular expertise and in-depth knowledge in inadmissibility and citizenship cases.  Sam has appeared before immigration tribunals, citizenship judges, the Federal Court and the Federal Court of Appeal.

In his customs practice, Sam has represented countless individuals facing administrative monetary penalty enforcement and prosecution for violations and offences under the Customs Act. In his personal injury practice, Sam has helped people injured in motor vehicle accidents and other accidents obtain fair compensation for their injuries and loss, including complex major loss cases.

Sam has represented complainants and defendants in his human rights practice and has appeared before the BC Human Rights Tribunal.

Sam has appeared at all levels of court in British Columbia and has had the good fortune to have argued cases of broad significance and national importance. Three examples of these cases include: a constitutional challenge to the Canadian Armed Forces discriminatory employment practices in overseas deployments and peacekeeping that resulted in the government re-writing its Canadian Armed Forces employment policies and laws; establishing the principles of Crown disclosure to administrative tribunal hearings in immigration cases; and, a constitutional challenge that contributed significantly to the restoration of citizenship in 2009 for those who, as minor children, and others, had involuntarily lost their Canadian citizenship under Canada’s 1947 Citizenship Act. As a Justice of the Federal Court stated in a pre-trial motion in Liebmann v The Queen: “this case will add to the historical definition of the country.”

Sam’s experience goes beyond the courtroom as he has taught Immigration and Refugee Law as an adjunct professor at the University of British Columbia, and he is a presenter and lecturer at lawyers’ continuing legal education courses and seminars in BC and the USA. Sam is consulted by news organizations in Canada and the USA covering immigration and citizenship issues for media background and commentary.

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Occasional presenter on Citizenship and Customs Law issues for the Immigration

  • Subsection of the Canadian Bar Association