Special Costs in Commercial Foreclosure Proceedings

By: Dennis Fitzpatrick Typically security instruments in commercial lending situations contain contractual provisions requiring the borrower to pay the costs of the financial institution for securing and enforcing the collateral.... Read more

Assigning Mortgages After Order Nisi

By: Dennis Fitzpatrick We are sometimes asked by a lender to transfer and assign a mortgage to another party after the mortgagee has obtained order nisi. The assignee then seeks order... Read more

Get It in Writing

Archeologists in London announced the discovery of a promissory note, which just happens to be the oldest hand-written document in Britain ever discovered. The find was announced June 1,... Read more

Harsh consequences of unread emails

By: Stephen Schwartz In reasons released today in Great Wall Construction Ltd. v. Lulu Island Winery Ltd., 2016 BCCA 227, the BC Court of Appeal ruled on the consequences... Read more